10 Reasons on Why You Are Still Not Successful

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  1. Your ego: One of the most important reasons why you may not be successful is because you value your ego more than attaining success. You do not want to learn from other people who have succeeded and in similar ways to you. Perhaps unconsciously you have closed your mind to learning through what is accessible around you. You think you know everything in terms of achieving your goals but you don’t. Keep an open mind and tell yourself that you are in a process, which translates into a lifetime of learning. It is important to tell yourself that each failure or unsuccessful attempt can help gain experience regarding what doesn’t work. This helps pinpoint what may work for you in the future.
  1. Embrace success: You may want to succeed in your goals but you dislike what success stands for. You hate rich people, you think they are arrogant and you do not want to be like them. Your sub-conscious has already limited you to achieve that. If you hate something, you definitely won’t be like them, right? Plus, you definitely wouldn’t want to learn what these people have found out.
  1. Face your fears: You have too many fears and are making decisions based on these fears. Until you overcome your fears and start taking calculated risks you won’t have any chance of achieving the success you crave for. It is often our fears that keep us locked down in our current stable jobs, careers and lives.
  1. Belief self: Belief in yourself, in your potential to achieve the goals and in the importance of your goals all help set you on the path to success. A lack of belief in yourself or in your ability to achieve your goal may also be stopping you from achieving success. However, you may believe that if it’s so good then nobody has to work. The fact is if you understand the whole business model, it is really that good but the initial startup is tough because you are going to face lots of obstacles.
  1. Surround yourself with positive people: You may need to find yourself a group of friends or acquaintances whom have either achieved their goals or are in the process of doing so. Currently, you may have family and friends who are not successful and just want to have a stable job and stick to a stable life. While your friendships and acquaintences should not be on the basis of how successful they are, you should at least have some people in your life who are at the same stage as you.
  1. Avoid discouragement around you: Your family and friends repeatedly tell you to be realistic. They have told you that your main aim should be to study hard and get a good job. This is wrong because being successful enriches your life and you look forward to everyday. People who are always working dread the next following day because they are back to the same old boring thing again. 
  1. Do not make excuses: One of the most common reasons for not succeeding is giving yourself too many excuses or why you can’t pursue these goals. You find many excuses on why your idea can’t work or why you can’t find time to work on the goal. The reasons may be as varied as the following – having a good stable job you would like to hold on to, having to pay a mortgage, having to look asfter your families’ needs.
  1. Banish negativity: If you haven’t even started working on your goals and you already think you will fail, how can you succeed with that kind of mindset? You need to think, believe and act as if you will find success to actually achieve success.
  1. Stop laziness: Yes, you can say whatever you want, but you are not putting in any hard work and effort. Talking is free, taking action is tough. After thinking out what your goals are, figuring out what the main steps are to attaining the goal, the next step is following through with the goal.
  1. Wrong values instilled: Being successful just to buy fancy cars, big houses and expensive jewels as the main reason doesn’t trigger the mechanism for you to take action on your dreams. You will give up once you encounter any obstacles because that reason is not strong enough for you to persist.

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