10 Things that Can Happen in Your 20s

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After your teenage years gets over, stepping into your 20s is certainly something amazing that will take you to the next level of your life. At this age, you left your teens age behind and enter the world of maturity. From a pampered kid who gets everything in home, you way into a new life where you have to move forward to making your career and earning a living for yourself. Despite of this fact, this is quite sure that you have learned many things in your 20s, but do you know that there are a few things that can happen in your 20s only? If not, then here are some of the 10 highlighted points.

Compare yourself with others

In your 20s, it is quite common that you will tend to compare yourself with others and being better than them makes you happier. You analyze the other person especially your sibling or friends and make sure that you are the best. This is not just makes you happier but also makes you confident as well!

A healthy comparison is not however bad, but in your 20s you are more into doing things that make you a superior to another person. You think that you have to be the best and do things to make other see your achievements. You always aim to have the best gadgets, clothes, footwear than others. Just to make other person feel jealous or envious.

Envy those who are born with a silver spoon

Envy is quite common when you are in your 20s. You tend to envy those people who are born in rich family and they are the ones who can party like a king. The reason is again comparison, as you are not able to be at their place, party all night and spend as much as the money they have. This feeling gives birth to envy very easily.

When you are in your 20s you instantly get inspired by other person’s standard of living and try to be like them. But, as all fingers are not same, so are the people. Just because they have everything does not make them a big figure. But still you are green eyed with the way rich people are living a luxurious life. This is a quite common trait experienced in the 20s.

Think about the future

Thinking about the future is obvious in your mid 20s. You concentrate on yourself and tend to think about yourself more since you have yet to achieve anything. The main reason is you have many dreams yet to be accomplished and you are on the way to them. You know you have to work hard if you have to reach for your goal.

However, if you are thinking that you can be at the top without working hard, then you are probably wrong. There are no shortcuts to success.

In the 20s, people are more conscious regarding their future. They aim of not just earning money, but also fame, which is the biggest factor. For that they struggle hard as they are looking forward for a luxurious and enjoyable life where they have everything they desired in their life.

Focus on appearance than character

Liking someone in first sight is called ‘Infatuation.’ In your 20s, infatuation is very common. As when you join various courses, join Universities, colleges and that’s the time when you interact with different kinds of people. You always make sure that you are surrounded with smart and good looking people. For this, the first thing you give importance is to the looks of an individual. How he/she talks, his/her way of dressing up, way of conversing and the vehicle he/she owns.

When you are in 20s smartness, stylish and chic appearance is something that persuades you. You will tend to focus more on outer appearance rather than character. At that age, character is just a secondary part after the outer appearance. This is the age when you fall in love or can get attractive to some cool hunk or angel girl easily because of his/her looks, not by analyzing them on their character. This aspect is quite common.

Focus on monetary benefits than values and principles

In your 20s, you give more preference to money. This is something by which you can buy any luxurious item, clothes, footwear, gadget or anything that makes your style statement. You make sure that you have enough money to party whenever you want, buy desired things and so on. You are not much bothered for values and morals of life. You just want everyone behind you and for that you make utmost efforts to provide yourself a life in which you have everything, but for that all you need is money.

Of course monetary benefits can persuade anyone especially when you are in your 20s. This is because at that age you are fascinated towards new dresses, shoes and a standard style of living. You might tend to focus on fast monetary benefits rather than the values and processes behind it. This is because you feel like you are living in a show off world where all you have to need is a standard and style that can be only accomplished from money.

More daring and keep outcomes on stake

The age of 20s comes with many changes and can take you to the world of many ups and downs. This is the age when you learn many things in life and believe that you are more daring now than you were in your teens. The thought of growing older makes you more daring and you are all set to experience new and weird things without even bothering for the outcomes. You have to show others that you can do anything and is not afraid of anyone.

In your 20s, you will be more daring and doesn’t bother about the outcome since you don’t have any financial burdens and responsibilities. You accept any challenge without concerning about the results. This behavior is quite common, but sometimes takes you to the world of complications. But some of them become memorable as maybe you laugh off after you get over your 20s.

Luxury without hard work

Who does not want a luxurious life today? Certainly we all want! When you are in your 20s, you dream of owning a big car, a big house, and everything that makes your life easier and smoother. You want others to get jealous of you because of your amazing lifestyle and for things you have. But for that they are not ready to put them in the fire of hard work and dedication. This day dreaming costs them nothing, but yes this is not the way to achieve anything in life.

In the 20s, every person thinks of getting luxury without hard work. They think that doing the hard work is okay, but reaching to a certain level where you could get a luxurious life seems nice to imagine, but actually not very easy. So in the 20s you are concerned about luxury lifestyle only rather than wanting to put in the hard work. This is because you love ready-made food rather than self-cooked.

Take your loved-ones for granted

Entering 20 is very similar entering to a new phase of your life. You meet many new faces and you would like to spend your time with them. At that time you are not bothered about the people who are actually there in your life and you take your loved ones for granted. May be your intentions are not actually to ignore them, but you forget them while interacting with some temporary people in your life. This is however, not as hurtful for you as for them.

In your 20s, you may have many people who adore you like crazy, but it is also common that you are less interested to adore them in return. You do not cherish the loved ones around you and tend to take things for granted. The reason is because you take things in a different way and believe in enjoying life more. For you, life has just started and you are keen to explore it more and more.

Do things in your own way

Do you know your personality changes in your 20s? Yes! This is a true fact that you become selfish to some extent when you enter into this age. You tend to do things as you like, without concerning what others are thinking. You just do things in a way you want and do not want others to interfere. The motto of ‘Live and Let Live’ fits perfectly into this context that you do not interfere in other’s life and do not want others to interfere in your life.

Yes, it is a kind of selfishness, which is quite common in your 20s. You take things lightly and do not want to go in-depth about it. You just want to do things in your own way and make sure it doesn’t affect you instead of sparing a thought for others. You think and plan to do things which are appropriate for you. You are least bothered about others and can make things to your favors.

Want to be successful without taking risks

No pain, No gain! We often heard this phrase and some people have surely agreed to it! But when you are in your 20s, you keep a long distance from taking risks. This is because of the fear of failure. You fear that you won’t achieve your goals and stops before the start! You think that if you failed in doing certain things, people will tease you and laugh at you.

You are always thinking about how to become successful and yet you are not willing to take the risk and move out of your comfort zone. This happens when you are in your 20s because you just entered an outside world and not interested to face the harsh realities of life. Risk is not your cup of tea. You just want to get succeed without taking risks.


Entering 20s is both amazing and thrilling experience because you are no more a child who can be dependent on his parents for everything. You are a grown up person and now you have to take care of your needs. It doesn’t matter whether if you are born in a rich or poor family. As long as you have the right conditioning of the mindset, you will tend to overcome the obstacles. Coming from a wealthy family may have less obstacles but still, you just need to accept what you have and do things to solve problems. Complaining doesn’t help but finding solutions to the particular problem will help.

As we are growing, our values tend to be changing throughout the years and the key is to being happy with what you are doing and make sure you do not have any regrets when you look back when you are older.


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