3 Biggest Myths about Motivation

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When it comes to doing anything in your life, all you need is Motivation. Motivation acts like a boon, where you could do such things that you thought were not your cup of tea.  A person who gets motivation from others will always ensure to do the things in the best way he can, because he knows other trusts him. Getting motivated is all about you. You cannot force someone to feel motivated. The main aim of motivating someone is to live up to their potential and discourage others for doing something wrong or totally out of the way.

For own behavior, every individual can have astounding fanatical approaches. However, when it comes to motivation, it not just brings the positivity inside us, but make us self assured that we can do the task in a precise manner.

As we all know that there are many myths surrounding us in our day to day life. Same is in the case of motivation, there are so many myths that actually won’t work, but are just written and we follow them blindly. So, in this article we will go through 3 of the biggest myths of motivation that won’t go away.

Pen down your goals, and see yourself reaching to your goals

A popular story ‘The Yale Class of 1953,’ is the one that has motivational authors and speakers adore telling. As the story goes, researchers asked the Yale seniors who were graduated to pen down their goals they wish to achieve in their future.  After 20 years, the researchers found that only 3 percent of the students are standing to their desired future and 97% are still struggling hard to reach to their goal. This is something that will clarify the myth of Pen down your goals, and see yourself reaching for your goals.

We often read in many articles, especially when it comes to tips on getting successful and so forth, a point always mentioned is write down your goals. It is still not cleared how writing goals on a piece of paper can lead to success? Certainly, it sounds a little bit bizarre, but you will find that in many articles this tip is quite common.

Writing your goals on a piece of paper is not a way towards success. Unless you strive hard to reach to your goal, a written goal won’t do miracles. Rather than writing on a paper, write your targeted goals in your mind and focus on them. If you focus and work on what you have to achieve then you are not very far reaching for your goals.

Give your best and you will succeed

This is one of the most common phrases we often heard. Give your best and you will succeed. But it is quite common that many times we worked really hard and results in failure. To give an effective instance- Two popular organizational psychologists, Gary Latham and Edwin Locke have spent many decades studying the main difference between the goals of ‘ Do Your Best’ and their direct opposite: difficult and particular goals. As per the proofs conducted by the researchers from one thousand studies over the world shows that goals are not explained in a precise way like what it needed to be accomplished, but that set the bar for high achievement resulting in excellent performance they just trying to do the best.

Of course when it comes to some competitive exam you cannot always make sure that you will score better as you do not know what is actually coming in the question paper. Still them you prepare hard and then go for the exam. Preparation and acquiring knowledge are the most essential aspects that you need to get succeed in life because only then you can give your best!

In short, you do not have to try, but must have full confidence to give the best shot to get succeed in life. You have to make strategies that can help you to get what you desire. After all it is not wrong to say that motivation leads to success.

Just see success

In life you cannot say if you can be successful or not! No matter how much capable you are to be successful all you need is hard work, capability, positive attitude and motivation. Positive thinking can bring a lot of change in a person’s life, but if you just see the success, especially success without hard work then you are probably choosing a way towards the failure. There are some Motivational Masters who actually believe that there is a great difference between believing you will get success and believing you will succeed without efforts.

The difference is very similar to yes or no/left or right, which seems small but actually very big. Many people experience negative thoughts while covering the journey of success. The common questions popping up in your mind are ‘what hurdles do I have to go through? How will I overcome those hurdles?

On the other hand, impractical optimists believe that they will get succeed, if they do ample of visualizing effectively. According to some studies and researches, these believe acts as a drain of energy that is required for reaching towards our goals. Those who are living in their dream world, only imagine their future to be luxurious, without having actual guts of reaching to their desired goals and working hard. Undeniably confidence is good, but over confidence can take you to the failure!

Undoubtedly, there are many myths about motivation and these three are the most common yet crucial. Motivation can seem mysterious and it has bit of arts, bit of science and a certain amount of instinct. But, you can only become an expert if you really want to devote some energy and time on what you need to do to get succeed in your life. If you are not getting success in your life, then it becomes important to figure out where actually you are lacking.

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