5 Reasons on Why You Have Not Succeeded in Life Yet

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At some point of time, it is quite obvious that you feel that you have put your efforts on something, planted all necessary seeds but still results are not what you were sure of. So today, in this article, we will discuss some of the most reasons your dreams have not manifested and what you need to do in this regard-


Many of us have experienced the fear of change, success and failure. These are quite common emotions surrounding us in many phases of our life. At certain moment of time we feel like that we are falling and things are out of our control, this is the scariest thing a person could feel in his life. However, to get over this fear, it is important to change your perception. Find out what scared you the most and think what if things get worse than what you think? Then think, are these excuses are really true, or you are just scaring yourself? Remember, fear has no power, everything is inside your mind, if you think that something will affect you, face it! Fear only exists in our mind, if you face it you will see you can easily defeat your fear that lies in your mind and restricting you to do certain task. You are manifesting your dreams in a skeptical way. You are trying to manifest it but on the other hand, you doubt yourself

So rather than putting yourself in a position of regret, think how could you make your life better. Choose your life and live it the way you want.

You do not trust others

Trusting everyone is not a right thing to do, but trusting no one can again give rise to many problems. May be you are on a right track realizing your dreams and goals, but when worry, resentment and disappointment set it, you start to give up. Though, those things won’t happen. Everything needs right time to happen, may be the time when you are doing it was not your time. So whenever dreams manifest, it is always good than you could ever thought of.

When things do not seems favorable and what you want does not happen, it’s just because it was not good for your life or maybe you do not deserve that. You are manifesting the wrong dream; probably you might not want it that badly. In the chaos, it is often said that, ‘ The angels are doing their best work, so stay positive and you will get closer to close…’

You never get out of the way

Getting out of the way does not means you can go on a way that is far from your reach, but it means to enter another gateway that can help you in manifesting your dreams in a different manner. If your way does not solve your problem, then stop trying, stop searching, seeking and forcing and get your own way. This feeling is completely different what you were going through as now you are on the new track where things might be different but your goals is as same as before.

When you get out of the way, you stop pushing hard and complete everything in a very easy and accomplished way. When you are calm, happy and peaceful, you are more focused unlike when you are in desperate, tired, frantic and fearful. You are not spending enough time to manifest it. You need to keep on thinking and finding ways of how to achieve it.

You do not visualize your dreams

Once you know what you desire to manifest, visualize it. While visualizing use different things such as smells, touch, sights and sounds.  Whatever you are seeing in your mind’s eye is in the present tense and you will experience that you are enjoying that moment. But if you keep on changing the thoughts, there will be utmost chances that your energy will get scattered. Always keep in your mind that wherever thought goes, energy flows there! The more enthusiastic you dream the most rapidly you manifest it.

Dreaming is positive traits that can make you even imagine those things that soothe your mind to a large extent. When you dream, there are so many things going up and down in your mind and heart and you make your full efforts to accomplish those dreams and turn those into your realities.

You live in past and think about your future

Past has gone, so let it go. Just follow your heart and decide what you want. Release your prejudices and fears that come from the past experiences. The main thieves that rob us everyday are fear and regret. Life is once, so live it to the fullest. Live without opinions, forgive and forget, live in present moment by following your heart.

Rather than regretting tomorrow do what seems right to you. Do not think about future or past as future is unseen and past is gone. The only moment you can live is ‘Present.’ Live like today is the only day of your life and enjoy it to its fullest. Just follow your hear and you will see how happy you are at the end of the day.

There are many people who work hard to manifest their dreams, they make choices such as they know what they want, have faith, maintain connection and make efforts. Reaching to your goal is not very hard unless you try it.

Positive emotions play a crucial role to transform your desires into reality. When you experience positive energy and feel good, there will be utmost profitability that you are living a life like a magnet and attract to what you actually feel. Moreover, you should understand that your emotions play a vital role to manifest your dreams and thoughts to create a life you always desire.

Everyone wants to spend a life with no worries and just happiness, but for that you have to follow your heart and your instinct.

If you go after them with your full heart you are not very far from manifesting your dreams.


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