5 Reasons on Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Anyone

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Every human is different from the other. There are hardly any humans on this earth who actually as same as the other, in terms of their habits, thoughts, looks and so forth. However, a common trait which is often found in many people is asking everyone’s opinion. The main reason is they constantly worry what others will think of them and the other is lack of self-confidence! For example- If you want to buy a dress, you will ask the next person who accompanies you for the shopping that how it looks on you! Isn’t it? This is quite common, but again a big reason for this is you do not believe in your choice and do not know what actually look nice on you!

So here we will discuss why you should not listen to everyone’s opinion

You are not obligated to live life up to everyone’s expectations

Every person has different choices in his life. Expecting others to do things according to their way makes other unhappy and discouraged. Remember you are not obligated to live life the other want to be. There should be no obligations in life so make sure to do things you care because you only know what is right for you, but not others. Do not do things only because other expects. To be very honest, the unexpected is far better than the expected. Just like our life, it’s not planned but yes every day is different.

You are not dependent on other’s way of thinking

Many people often fail in making decisions for both their professional or personal life and end with disappointment and regrets afterwards. Making decisions is an art and you cannot always rely on others for making decision of your life. It’s your life and you are the only one who can make efforts to make your life easier and smoother.

Deciding things for your life is not as hard as it seems, but the only thing you need to do is to believe in yourself. If you are not happy for what you are doing, do not do it. Your decision can affect your life in both negative and positive ways. If you think that something is good for you then just go ahead and do things without concerning what others will think of you.  If you are thinking of asking your friend before taking decision of your life, then remember your friends are not the best choice if they have yet to get to the stage you want.

Every person has different mind set

May be what works best for you is not good for others. Or there can be chances that others are jealous of what you are doing and discourage you for doing an appropriate task. Every mindset is different. May be you are not the one who feel jealous looking other’s success, but that does not mean that others are just same like you. Maybe they are not happy looking at you while you are on your way to reaching success. So rather than asking other about their thoughts and opinions, just ensure that at the end of the day you are alone and if you get fail no one will accompany you and when you need them they will just say, You do not have your own brains and your failure is none of their concern.

Rather listening to these harsh words and hurting yourself, it is wise to take steps like the way you want. Just improve your life and do things that seem right for you!

No one knows you better than you!

No one knows what is in the mind of the other person. But everyone knows what is going on in their mind. You are only responsible for your thoughts and emotions! Do not ever ask yourself what others need from you, but ask yourself what makes you happy and pursue it at any cost. Your needs are very important so do not ignore it. Sometimes, you have to take important decisions of your life and follow them, but not something that you think others expect. Some people are too small minded. They just want you to be like them floating aimlessly so it’s never good to seek opinions just from friends.

We all know we have some thoughts and the ways we want our life to be. We are not able to share those thoughts and our dreams with anyone. Then why are we are taking a decision that is not important for others. As we understand our thoughts and what is good for us, we are the one who knows about the best things in our life not others.

Create your own reality rather than confined by opinions

Every individual thinks that if he gives his opinion others will follow it and he will become a hero if his opinion works! But sometimes reality works rather than confined by opinions. If J.K Rowling stopped after getting rejected by numerous publishers for years, there would be no any nerd name Harry Potter. If Walt Disney does not make efforts after his theme park was thrashed by 300+ investors, you won’t get your favorite Disney World. Not only this, but if Schultz have up after banks turned him 200+ times, there would be nothing like Starbucks. If you give too much importance to other’s opinion you would not be able to do things that you always desired. Never allow someone’s opinion to affect your reality!

Taking other’s opinion is not bad, unless someone is specialist of that particular sphere. If you want to succeed as a singer, will you ask a teacher or would you rather ask an established singer? Of course you would ask a singer. You cannot ask a random person who does not even know a bit of singing. If you take an amateur or non-familiar person’s opinion, then there will be utmost chances that they will give a useless opinion, which is of no importance in your life.

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