5 Types of Common Beliefs that Will Sabotage Your Success

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Good, bad and ugly, these are the most common words that describe an individual as whole. So, do you know in which category  do you fall? Maybe yes and maybe no! These categories are not based on looks and appearance, but what efforts you have put to achieve your goals. ! Good, bad or ugly! We all have certain good and bad qualities within us, these are normal to a large extent but complications start turning on when these qualities sabotage your success. We all want to succeed in life, but only a few reach to their desired destination, just because they have some good beliefs and determination, while others don’t!

There are many reasons why developing new skills and good habits are a hard nut to crack. The biggest reason is the mind. Mind is very powerful and there is nothing in this world that can be as powerful as the human mind. There are many stories that you must told yourself, things you believe about you that sometimes do not allow change or new skills to develop. There are certainly many beliefs lie inside us that actually sabotaging your success. Do you want to know how? Let’s go to it

I can’t

Okay, honestly how many of you get scared of doing even easiest thing sometimes? Well! There must be a large number of people who are pretty sure that they cannot do certain things in life, which are however not difficult for them. ‘I can’t’ let you down inside you and you don’t even dare to do things that are quite easy. All because of your mind set and the order you have given to your mind you can’t. If you believe that you can’t lose weight, you are not good in scoring numbers, you are not creative and are a procrastinator, then there would be utmost possibility that soon you will feel like a failure.

Restricted thought process

Many people have restricted thought process. They cannot think beyond that. Despite of the fact that if they go beyond their thoughts, the success might me very close to them, but still they are least bother to go beyond that because of their thinking process. It is not about thinking big or small, it is about restricted thought process that enables you to climb the ladder of success. You think too restricted and don’t dare to think big so in the end, your success is not big either. Accomplishing goals and getting success are quite big tasks.

Do not always think big, but think the steps that can take you closer to the success. Start with smaller goals and accomplish them. Slowly and gradually, you will think of accomplishing your bigger goals and work towards them.

Negativity & Positive Clashes

Every individual has a small amount of positive thoughts and a tank full of negative thoughts. Are you the one who experienced the clashes between your negative or positive thought? Probably yes! This clash is very scary and Sabotaging Your Success. We often get scared without even practicing the task and accept our defeat. Do you know why? Just because of our negative thoughts. We are so negative that we cannot see things they are meant to be and take them into a wrong direction. The main reason is “What if” rather than why not. The day you take the things and your life in a positive way, only then you will realize how easy things were and how you were complicating them. So, rather than thinking the negative aspect of a situation, think positive and you will see that it will solve your many problems and open the gateway of success.


Worry and commitment are the opposite side of a coin. If you worry about a certain situation, there would be utmost chances that you fail. Rather than worrying about getting through a certain exam, commit to the process of exam like a scholar.  Let your ideas flow and make it visible to all. If you want to build 6 pack abs, commit then you will eat a healthy diet and departs all the things that are not healthy for you.   Worry obstructs your way to success and you will not get through regardless how easier your ways are. Remember, you have to cultivate the skills as you are not born with it.

By focusing on the process, you can become more athletic, more intelligent, more creative and more successful in life.

Not believing in yourself

There are many people who value other’s opinion, rather than believing in themselves. This is quite a negative trait as we know that the thought process of every person is different. It is not important what we are thinking or behaves, other should be like that. No! This is probably a wrong thought. You cannot rely on other’s opinions and also should not give your opinion when not needed.

Giving and receiving opinion is right when you actually need it, but at the end of the day. Life is yours and so are the decisions. Listen to all, but do things that you feel are good for you! Others do not understand your life your ways of living and so on. They just give opinion either they think they are very smart, or not letting you to climb the ladder of success.

Believe in yourself and you will soon realize that you have broken the ways that were Sabotaging Your Success.


Life is full of ups and downs that you cannot achieve success unless you struggle for it, work hard for it and have ample energy and time to invest. If you want to get success in any sphere of your life, it is vital to plan a schedule, commit to it and the stick to it with your full heart, only then you will break the hurdles and achieve your goals. For whatever you do in your life, all you need is commitment. If you are committed, you can achieve anything in life, so no matter if it’s with your lover, your goals or anything in your life.

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