8 Important Things that Traditional Education Never Taught You

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In our life span, we often learn many things that have no connection or concern with the education we attained in our school or college.  Though, we cannot deny the fact that school education is compulsory for everyone, but there is one more institution from where we learn many lessons that traditional education never taught us. That’s Life. Ever individual’s life has been full of struggle. As it is unpredictable so you never know what’s coming on your way at the very next moment. It can teach you lesson at every passing day of your life. So in this article, we will discuss about 8 essential things that traditional education never taught us

  1. People are more vital than things

Many people were taught to make their career so that they have all the good things and can lead a luxurious life. But no education told them to value people in your life rather than materials. Family, friends and loved ones are the blessings and one should make efforts not to hurt them by any means. This is because at the end of the day, they are the only one who could support you, not the luxury items or materials. So give importance to people in your life, not to materialistic things that would never help you in your difficult times.

  1. Make efforts to be happy

No matter how much a person earned in his lifetime, if he is not happy, everything is useless. Happiness is the most important aspect of a person’s life. In traditional education, this important aspect is always ignored, as you must have experienced that there are always chapters about big men who earned name and fame in their lifetime, but there are no such chapters that define the importance of being happy. Remember, at last your state of mind and happiness are your responsibility. So give yourself a treat of happiness by not getting stressed and worries on small issues that become a hurdle in your life.

  1. Forgive your family, friends, enemies and yourself too

As an individual we often make mistakes and repent afterwards. Life is short, make it beautiful and easy. Do not keep anything in your heart and forgive those who hurt you ever, after all they all are human and only human make mistakes. Just keep in mind that a person becomes big when he forgives. Forgiveness is a trait of a person having a big heart. So learn to forgive yourself, family, friends and enemies. No traditional education would ever teach you to forgive people.

  1. Avoid using ‘I’

Being self-sufficient and self-confident is amazing, but remembers it is not all the time about you. Talking about you all the time is not something that would amaze the other person sitting next to you. Maybe that is something that other person won’t like and get away from you. No doubt, being confident is wonderful, but being over confident would surely let you down. In traditional education, it’s all about ‘I’ but if you remove this word from your life, then surely you would achieve success and make many good relations in your lifetime.

  1. Not every individual is same

In school, many people often experienced comparisons. If he can do, why won’t you? He has done this very well, but you didn’t! He scores high, you failed why? These are some of the most common comparisons normally done by teachers or parents. But traditional education never teaches us that not every single person is same. The mind of every person is different. The process of thoughts is pretty different. Expectations are fine, but over expecting just because another person achieved a goal does not mean that you are a failure.

  1. Love to be loved

Many people are scared to show their loved ones how they actually feel or how much they love them. Again, if you think that there will be some educational course of it, then surely you are mistaken. No traditional education will teach you the concept of love to be loved. Remember, Life is short, so give and receive love. Value those who love you and make sure to receive love from every person. Be a kind person and you will see that more people will love you for your generous behavior.

  1. How to make use of your time?

Time is very powerful. Making use of it appropriately can help you to lead a peaceful life and get success also. Traditional education is quite far from the reality we face in our day to day life. It generally teaches us about the things that has happened or some lessons, getting inspired from the life of many great leaders and men of the nation. But no education taught us the importance of time.

  1. Value self respect and dignity not ego

Self-respect and dignity are the biggest thing of a person’s life. Though, it is quite different from ego. Being egoistic will make you aloof from the people but if you have self respect or dignity then certainly more and more people will come to you and love to become your friends. In traditional education the difference between ego and dignity would never teach. Rather than many of us have often seen that many students who were good in their studies or sports become egoistic that decreases their friend’s ratio.

The above mentioned are the essential things that traditional education never taught you. If you analyze all these points you will come to know that there are also other aspects that we learn from our life, but not from the education we got from our school, college or university.

Certainly, these are the most important things that traditional education will never teach and will teach you. Health, wealth and relationships are the biggest blessings in a person’s life. If you have these, you have the whole world. Traditional education is very imperative for everyone to get knowledge and to survive in today’s advanced society, but it is important to take care of our own education that life teaches us.

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