Appreciate what you have, before you start to regret

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The following sentence above might sound simple, but it carries a strong meaning which applies to our daily lives and in the society. Today, the generation is different. everyone of us in general, are born in a well-to-do family, with a good shelter, clothing and food. However, there are still some less fortunate people in the world, where water and food are limited, no good shelter, no good education, and struggling to meet their needs in the every single second and day in their life.

Still, majority of the people like us are still complaining and whine about how hard is our life, parents not being able to meet our needs, the society owes us a living or whatever kind of negative words from our hearts. Our heart and minds are not broad and wide, and resulted not having a sense of appreciation towards many things.


Parents are still the most important people in our life. They are responsible for our every single thing when we are young; Providing us with warmth,love, shelter, food and clothing, education, and a lot of which normal people like us don’t understand how it feels to be like the parents who raise a child painstakingly. As time goes, we had grown into someone when we focused on doing our things that we love, pursuing passion or dreams. But sometimes, we neglected the fact that our parents are growing older too, they may have to retire soon, and not having the ability to work anymore. Today’s world is indeed heart-wrenching and there are some people out there who take their parents for granted.

Throwing them into the old folk’s home

Treating them like a maid, slave

Fighting over family inheritance

Scolding and complaining of their parents

Beating and abusing whenever they find them a hindrance

Leeching their money, expecting every single thing from them without thinking in their shoes.

Treat them as a nuisance, kicking them like a ball, throwing responsibilities to the siblings on who will take care of them on the so-called daily routines.

Not appreciative of their parents’ hard work and efforts.

Must we wait till one day our parents have passed away, then we start to regret and wail over what we done? By the time,it will be too late. Parents only live once, once gone, it will be gone forever. No matter how hard you cry,They won’t be able to hear us won’t be able to see them every day and now, your house atmosphere will feel empty. Show your appreciation and love to them when they are still around, every single day, whether it is a major or minor thing. Our parents do not want us to be successful, rich or anything, their wishes are simple, they want us to be a better and upright person, and living our life to the fullest. Go look at your parents’ palm and look at their hair, especially their white hair


Every single one of us are born with a different life, some of us may born in a rich family and others are born in an average or a poor family. Thus, sadly to say today most of us are unable to appreciate with what we have, reason being; we are living too comfortable that we have neglected the simple and little things around us.  Despite living comfortably, there are still minority of us who don’t appreciate life or the money we currently have in our life.

Complaining of poor and sad life that we have

Always complain that money is not enough

Comparing with certain things that are not necessary

Complaining of every little things in life, government, bills and people etc

Not appreciating every single day, with a sulky face

Not appreciating people efforts and help

The world or society owe them a living

Wastage of money and food, throwing old things that are reusable and recyclable

Cursing of life

Not giving and being stingy

There are still many to list out, but these reasons are enough to make us to think again, and decide what we can do to improve our life. Nowadays, we have a lot of the latest gadgets, IPhones, Samsung Galaxy, IPad, Playstation 3 and etc. We can easily get these items as long as we have money. However, the world is not perfect, there are bound to have poor countries around us. To them, clear water, food, shelter, clothing and education are a rarity to them. Despite being poor, they are still happy and appreciate with what they have, we are not born by choice and they also don’t want to be born in this kind of chaotic country. Therefore, appreciation is very important in our life. It can make us a better person, improving our positive mindset, or be successful in life too. Here are some little things that we can appreciate of: 

–          Appreciating and giving gratitude to people who had helped you throughout the tough times

–          Giving and donating back to society

–          Helping out the needy people, especially the old people around us

–          Appreciating every single day, be it good or bad day, end it with a big smile

–          Giving a little food to the stray cats or dogs if you happen to pass by them

–          Giving a smile to cute babies, if happen to pass by them too

In summary, let start appreciating with what we have right now. It’s a basic necessity for us to order to live a life of fulfillment or success. With the right concept in our mind, we are able to do things progressively and will have an aim to do something. Appreciation might be a simple word, however it requires consistent action and mindset to do it habitually, and things will be smooth for us. With that kind of thinking, we will be growing strong unknowingly too. So, appreciate with what we have currently right now, before it’s too late. 

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