Four Reasons Why a Good Degree Does Not Guarantee Success in Life

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There has been a long debate if degree contributes to your success or not! We all go to school, colleges and university to study and in return we get a degree of the studies we have done. However, we cannot compare degree with knowledge and intelligence. This is merely a reward or a proof that we have passed so and so studies. The degree is just a paper. You need that for jobs only. The main element is how you present yourself to your employer. Degree is meant for an additional boost and also to differentiate yourself from your competitor for comparison.

However, for achieving success in life, you need knowledge and skills. There are different kinds of jobs that do not even need degrees. College degrees do not guarantee jobs. However, in some cases you may get a job, but that is not all based on your degree. If you say that education is the only contributing aspect to success, then you are wrong. There are other things as well, such as talent, knowledge and skills. Education does not bring happiness, but there are other factors also that contribute to a happy and successful life.

For many people getting a degree is everything, but there is a world outside as well. Going to educational institute is must and should be compulsory for everyone as you gain many things from your school and college life, which makes you a complete human. Also, when you attend the educational institute you learn to behave, become social and learn how to interact with different kinds of people. However, coming back to the topic, people who avail academic degree are not always are scholars or acquire better knowledge. You can see many degree holders are just struggling despite of the fact that they have scored pretty well in their exams.

Degree does not always guarantee you success

The degree does not always guarantee you success. Today, many people are buying degrees. This has become a common trend. Rather than studying and working hard they are just paying huge bucks and getting ready made degrees. You cannot blame anyone for this, rather than our society. Many people just want to see the degree without caring how the person actually is and how much he is talented. They only judge person for the degree he has acquired not how much talented and knowledgeable he is. This shows that our society is biased. We see what we want to see.

Earn Degree, do not buy!

Earning degree in today’s world is not as difficult as it seems. There are so many online courses that hardly teach you like physical centers but can acquire a good amount of fees and in return provide you a degree. Does it seem helpful in the future? Probably not! Unless you do not have knowledge and skills, you cannot achieve anything in life. Getting a degree is joyous for everyone, but not something that you have not earned. Let’s take an instance, suppose you buy a degree of Mass Com. and Journalism. Now what would be your next step? Job? Suppose you also get a job interview offer and they ask you very simple questions. Now what? You bought a degree but what about the knowledge? Of course no one would select you for the job, unless they come to know that yes, you really have a talent. After all, it is not degree that will work; it’s your talent, knowledge and skills.

Getting degree is not a ticket to success

Going to University, college or any other educational institution is not a direct ticket to success, but you have to work hard to reach to your goals. Getting academic degree is not getting educated. We get educated when we learn small and big things of life. There are many successful businessmen and scientists in the world, who does not attain an academic degree, but has done wonders in their field. They have achieved success with their work, talent and knowledge.

Everything lies inside the brain. Our thought process is responsible for our actions. Certainly, success is a big word and it cannot be acquired just by becoming a book worm. About 75% people study really hard and score good marks for getting a professional degree, but not everyone get a good job they ever dreamt of. They are forced to take such jobs which hardly interesting for them. The fees they have paid while accomplishing a particular degree, they are not even earning quarter of it. However, on the other hand you can see that those who have a treasure of knowledge and skills are successful in their field.  A small but effective mantra to be successful in life is, ‘take risks, make mistakes, think big, feel big and do big if you want to be successful in life. Remember, it is not essential that an educated person will achieve success in life.

Degree is advantageous but not necessary

Getting a degree for your hard work is an advantage, but not necessary. If you have degree and lack of knowledge you are treated same as an ignorant person. Success comes when you work. If you love your work and dedicated towards it, you are moving towards the success. The definition of success is not same for everyone. Some take success in a different way and others to something different. However, we cannot deny the fact that basic education is important, but if you think that only degree can take you to the success then here you are mistaken. Unless you put your 100% and work really hard, you won’t achieve anything big in life.


The main aim of education is to acquire knowledge that liberates you. Education is a base of our life, society and culture. It taught us many things in life it shows us a way to be successful in life. But if we do not have knowledge, talent and skills, then your degree is also of no use.

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