Motivation as an effective tool for Success

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Do you sometimes find it difficult to get out of bed and do what you’re supposed to do? Have you experienced losing the drive to keep going and instead deciding to just drop out of the whole thing altogether?

Do you find your day to day activities a little routinary and struggle to find meaning in what you do? When you are not motivated enough to finish what you set out to do, then it is high time for you to rethink your motivations and begin to do things differently.

 This change in mindset is necessary in order for you to gain a clearer understanding of what you want to accomplish and the steps you need to take to make these same goals a reality.

On this note, being motivated is a crucial element that only serves to ignite your drive to keep pushing even in the face of challenges along the way. In fact, it can be argued that without the right motivation, it becomes particularly difficult to get done with your tasks because both your heart and your mind are not completely invested on what you are doing.

 The first step in fostering a sense of motivation negates that you identify your passion and your goals. Find out what moves you and take it from there. How many times have you heard people encouraging others to live out their dreams and passions?

Probably more times than necessary. But there is truth behind the idea that doing what you love doing provides you happiness and satisfaction. Nothing is better than the idea of waking up in the morning of a brand-new day unburdened by unnecessary anxiety and the thought of having to do something you do not feel like doing.

Bank on your passion

 When you think about it, the one thing that makes the world’s most prominent personalities in politics, sports, and business similar is the way they have turned their individual passions into their tickets for their eventual success. In tennis, for example, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic banked on their love for the sport to push themselves each and every single time, climb atop the rankings, defy odds in every tournament, and consequently earn a name for themselves as the world’s most formidable players in tennis.

Their individual achievement is anchored on the fact that they choose to live out their lives doing what they are good at.

 Once you have pinpointed the things that you love doing, it is time to set specific goals and targets. After all, self-awareness must be backed by a conscious desire to achieve something tangible and measurable. Create a list of things that you want to accomplish.

You may want to write them down to create a semblance of permanence. Hark back to this list every now and then in order to gauge if you are on track to achieving your goals.

 It is also necessary that you set realistic expectations. Do not put unnecessary pressure to yourself over unreasonable wants. For instance, if you are a regular employee at a huge multinational corporation, it is fine to dream of moving up the ladder.

It is, however, unhealthy to pressure yourself to become a CEO in two months. Barring the occurrence of extraordinary events, this goal is simply unsustainable. A better way to approach this is by creating a more feasible working plan of what you want to achieve over a given period of time.

Do your part 

As you set out fulfilling your goals, it is imperative that you hold yourself accountable for every decision that you make. In other words, you need to be responsible for all your actions. Start out by ensuring that your physical well-being is properly addressed. Take care of your body.

All your efforts at crossing out your goals may be rendered useless if you are in a poor physical state. So try to accumulate enough sleep hours every night and be mindful of your diet. Stay in tip-top shape so that you are ready and able to carry out your tasks.

It would also help if you build a solid support system that you can rely on if you need to draw strength and inspiration in your tasks. In this case, your family and friends should be able to provide you the boost and confidence you need for you to successfully hurdle obstacles along the way and realize your goals.

Do not forget to strictly adhere to the deadlines you have set for yourself. Your ability to meet deadlines is indicative of your discipline and desire to reach your targets. In between deadlines, make an assessment of what you have accomplished so far, and juxtapose them against the things that still need to be done. In the process, take note of both the good practices and areas for improvement, and adjust accordingly.

Keep challenging yourself

No plan is perfect, so failures may crop up as a consequence at one point or another. But apart from obviously getting rid of them in the future, these failures must also be recognized as valuable learning points. They must be taken as potential sources of insights, in much the same way that triumphs should be regarded as something that should be studied and learned from.

Upon reaching your goals, reward yourself. After all, a job well done deserves recognition. Give yourself a break by indulging in life’s little pleasures. This is a great way to boost your ego and give you the energy you need for your future endeavors.

Ensure that you do not hit a plateau even after you have successfully reached your goals. Complacency is something that is difficult to overcome, particularly when you have gotten comfortable to the status quo. But to be complacent is to harbor fears of change.

Combat these fears and sustain your drive to succeed by choosing to constantly challenge yourself. Keep motivated by pushing the limits of what you can do and endure. Improve your skills and pick up new knowledge. Use your past successes as opportunities for further growth. Never let up in your quest for success. 

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