Nine Differences Winners do Differently from Losers

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Anything happened or happening, good or bad is just for a reason. A reason is something that allows a person to either succeed in life or to lose in life. You cannot blame situations, people and your luck for losing in life. These are only reasons that make someone reaches high points in their lives and some to remain hazy in the dust. It is a fact that everyone wants to succeed in life, but to be a winner an individual must possess some qualities and habits, which losers do not possess, like discipline, hardworking, positivity. As remarked by Vinci Lombardi, “winners never quit and quitters never win”.

Winners have a great sense of persistence and a sense of working towards their goal. They are focused and are aware of their priorities. They have a laid plan on how they have to achieve their set goals and in what way they will attain them. Wasting their time is a sin for them, as they are always into something productive. They know that time, money and opportunities, never come back. They are hard workers and know how to tackle things in their favor; they do not sit around idle. They know that there is no shortcut to hard work. There are a few things, which winners do in an entirely different way than losers. These differences are what makes a difference in their life and makes them achievers.

Some of the basic differences are:

Winners don’t give up when they face challenges, instead it motivate them to conquer the challenge. No success is easy therefore those who face challenges while trying to achieve success climb the first ladder of being winners. Whereas, those who run from the challenges and give up instead of facing them will never be able to succeed in their life. Achievers always keep themselves motivated whenever they face any kind of hurdles and they keep moving forward.

Winners are very expressive with their ideas and they ensure to convey their thoughts with confidence. They are always talking about ideas and how they will implement those in their lives. The one who are just talking and day dreaming and are not working towards their dreams are not capable to face the hurdles coming on their way to success.. But the one who are victorious know what they are talking about, they will be confident and already on their path to achieve their destination. On the other hand, non-achievers will be talking and talking about their future plans, and will be wasting their present, ultimately doing nothing.

Winners are motivated to take action and they do not let procrastination take over them. They are very self-disciplined. For them time, money, and words are the main aspects of their life, especially during their voyage to success. They will have a plan and they execute their work according to their plan.

Winners will be receptive towards change. The one who focus on growth will be receptive towards change, as they know that everything in this world is subjected to change. Those who resist change will not be able to grab opportunities to grow and ultimately fail in their life. Though, when it comes to winners, they give their 100% in which ever situation they are in, though on the other hand, losers will either give up or will have halfhearted attitude towards their changed way.

Positive attribute is the key component of winners in their outlook towards life. Those who look for success in life and are able to achieve it are positive towards their idea and goal and that takes them a step ahead than those who don’t believe in themselves. They believe that till the time they don’t believe in themselves and their aim, they will not be able to convince others.

Winners follow a particular strategy. They write down their dreams and goals for constantly putting themselves on track. They have a set of goals fixed and they persistently work to achieve them.

The one very admirable thing about winners is that they don’t stick to past, but they keep future in mind and live in present,. They don’t keep grudges and they let their past go. This makes them focused for their future and they work hard on making their future even better. Losers on the other side are stuck in past and will not be able to let go, that is one of the main reasons that they don’t have focus over their goal, which lead to their failure.

Winners take responsibility for their actions. They do not blame others for their failure or their actions they take responsibility of their actions and they make sure that if they do not succeed they improve themselves and they come back with another plan and don’t stop fighting for their aim. They always tend to find a better way to do things than to sit around cribbing over what has happened and accusing others of their shortcomings.

Winners pay regard to people who have helped them and to those who have been available to them from time to time. Winners are humble and not arrogant about their achievements. They believe in learning from each and every experience as well as from each and every person, they come across. Winners always want others to win and will be constantly motivating people around them to move forward in their life. Losers on the other hand are self-centered and refuse to help others, they will often be jealous of others success.

The above mentioned points seems expected for some people, but do you know these expected points can make a huge difference in one’s life. Success and failure are the sides of a same coin, but all it is up to you, either to achieve success or welcome failure with open hands. All you need to have is patience, hard work, confidence and ability. These fours aspects play a vital role and help you to voyage the journey of success with ease and without any hurdle.

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