Personal Development – 10 Facts on Why Everyone Needs it

Personal Development
Personal development is a never ending road that can greatly benefit your life the more you keep at it. Those who ignore the maturation process and neglect their personal development are often unhappy, have trouble in social settings, and feel a resounding dissatisfaction with life. Everyone needs personal development in their lives to feel whole and happy. These 10 facts about why we need personal development will help you look at this concept from a fresh perspective.

a. Progression is Happiness
Progression is truly happiness. You can find the pure honesty in this statement by simply looking at the world around you. A running river is clean, lively, life-giving, and beautiful. An animal running free in the wild is energetic, fit, healthy, living its life to the fullest. Now imagine that same river and that same animal without any progression: the river is stagnant and murky and no life thrives within it. The animal is caged, depressed, sluggish and sad. This is the same for us. If we find ourselves at a stand-still, we feel greatly dissatisfied, unhappy, and even miserable. Even though change can be frightening, we need to constantly progress throughout our lives to drive our personal development as well as our growth and maturity. Progression can be achieved through embarking on an educational program, traveling, moving to a new place, meeting new people, applying for a new job, or even just doing something that is out of the ordinary for you. It doesn’t matter how small your steps are because every move you make is some sort of progress—and progression is happiness.

b. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
As early as forty to fifty years ago, a person was considered happy as long as they had food and shelter. Today, the hierarchy of needs has changed and food and shelter are no longer enough. We have to achieve more in order to achieve happiness, and the highest level of the Moscow Hierarchy of Needs is developing ourselves to the highest potential.

c. The Reality is Harsh; Everyone is Fighting Against Each Other
Everyone wants the best position in a job, the top spot in school, the best home, etc. Unfortunately, there is usually only one top spot, one great job, a few awesome homes to go around and so on. Because there is less of “the goods” to go around, it causes strife amongst people and creates a harsh reality that we all must live in. When people focus on their personal development, they find they are able to deal with this harsh reality in a peaceful manner. They don’t allow the hardships to get to them because they find happiness in all situations. They don’t worry about getting ahead because wherever they are is a good place to be. Personal development can help you look at life this way too.

d. Staying Positive Leads to Optimistic Outlook
When you make a point to continue your personal development, you will create a positive outlook in your life. Staying positive will make you look forward to everyday. Why? Because instead of looking at everything you have to do in a negative light, worrying about what could go wrong, or feeling tension from the stresses of the day, you’ll feel excited for the day, optimistic about your responsibilities, and better able to handle the stress that comes your way.

e. Motivation Keeps Up our Desires for a Meaningful Life
As personal development is a lifelong process, it means that we will always have a reason to keep going, keep improving, and keep reaching for our goals. Motivation means that there is a clear vision in place for the future and as the time moves on, the goal changes so there is always something to achieve. When we have motivation behind our actions and desires, it gives life a whole new meaning and helps us to keep going even when circumstances get tough. Someone who is actively working on their personal development allows their motivation to guide them through both hard times and good times to reach their ultimate goals.

f. Recondition our Mindset to Cope with Failure
Failure is going to happen in life. It’s just a fact that we must all accept and internalize. Yes, failing does feel very bad but that negative feeling doesn’t have to defeat us. Instead, consciously practicing personal development can teach us to recondition our mindset in order to cope with failure as it comes. When we stay in a positive mindset, it can actually change the chemicals in our brains so that they are wired for positive thoughts and perseverance even in the face of adversity.

g. It’s No Longer an Era Where Academic Education will Conquer the World; We Need to Be Different
Academics aren’t everything. In recent years, serious emphasis has been placed on excelling in academics and this has placed unnecessary pressure on students all over the world. While education is an important part of life, the world is shifting. The era of academic excellence and importance is waning. We need to be different and show the world that, while education is important, it is not everything.

h. Our Last Generation Had Little Contact with Personal Development and Self-Help Related Education
Our last generation had little to no contact with the importance of their personal development. This has produced adults who are more prone to depression, anxiety, stress, and hopelessness. We need to remedy the lack of focus on personal development and self-help education for the upcoming generation so that they will not suffer the same problems some members of our last generation are struggling with.

i. It’s Something the School Will Never Teach
High school and college students are learning a lot about history, science, mathematics, English, foreign languages and more. However what they aren’t learning is how to manage their personal development or self-help related education. Health classes are often geared toward the physical aspects of the human body while the mental aspects are almost completely ignored. Mental health, personal development, and self-help skills are incredibly important, especially at this stage of life and development. Teaching our young people to be mindful of their personal development will raise a generation of individuals who are happier, healthier, more motivated, and dedicated to leading meaningful lives.

j. Not Everyone was Born with a Silver Spoon
In his novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald cautions the reader with these wise words, “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one… just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” The essence of these words is that not everyone was born with a silver spoon and the advantages that financial backing can bring. All success stories have details of endless hardships that had to be overcome. Even those who come from wealthy families and backgrounds have their own hardships to face. The truth is that we need hardships to shape our personal development. No matter where we come from or what our backgrounds are, hardships can only do good, not harm, when it comes to creating a well-rounded person and continuing enriching ourselves to achieve the fullest potential in life.