Six Reasons on your Lifelong partner Determines your Success

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You may have heard of the saying ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’. Does that mean that the fate of a man’s life is in the hands of his partner? The answer to a large extent is yes. This is mainly because a life partner spends most of their time with his spouse or partner. I also believe that behind every successful woman there is a man who supports and encourages her. We will now look at how our partners may play a central role in determining your success.

Maturity and emotional stability

Emotional instability and immaturity are often (although not always) signs of a young, single and carefree life and these qualities may prevent a person from reaching their full potential or achieving their goals. These traits will sabotage focus and concentration required of a person to achieve his goals or dreams. However, being in a emotionally stable and mature relationship will calm your life down and often bring a sense of purpose and perspective to it. A partner is the most likely person to exert a  positive (or negative) influence on your life owing to the time they spend with you. However, an immature and emotionally instable partner can derail a once calm and purposeful life and prevent you from achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Financial stability

Financial instability is one of the leading reasons in preventing a person from reaching for their set goals. However, if their partner is able to financially support them and the household, the goals that person is committed to become easier to attain. In addition to making financial contributions a partner can influence your spending and saving patterns that is a part of financial stability. Therefore, a good life partner can bring on board financial stability in a number of ways and allow you to go for your dreams. It is also worth mentioning that if you are one of those people who only save and don’t spend then a partner may help you learn to spend your money and enjoy life.

Social capital

If you happen to be in a long-term relationship then it is likely that you will be influenced the environment your partner creates at home, the family they come from and their friends, acquaintances and colleagues. A good partner can set up a calm and inviting home environment, can instill good and wholesome family values in your home, and has a good set of friends and colleagues all of which are conducive to improving your overall social standing. In other words, as a result of your partner or spouse’s social capital you may be able to benefit in life (both at work and at home). In the olden days a girl was expected to ‘marry up’ in terms of financial security and social standing but now it applies to men and women alike.

Sense of humor.

Life is characterized by the ups and downs that are thrown at us and how we take them in our stride. However, if you or your partner have an effective weapon against turbulent times (a good sense of humor) then life becomes that much more bearable. A life partner who comes with a ready sense of humor, acts as a protective wall against life’s harshness and source of relief during hard times.  This role can most effectively be undertaken by someone who has a long association with you. A sense of humor can also be used to diffuse tough or sensitive times at home.

Mental and emotional compatibility

A life partner should have emotional and mental compatibility with you, which enables them to understand and appreciate your aspirations and dreams. It is also important to mention that if your life partner’s hopes and aspirations are in sync with yours this will greatly enhance the prospects of realizing your dreams. This creates more of a possibility for you to reach out towards success knowing that your spouse or partner understands you.

Shared experiences

You have probably heard of the saying ‘When you laugh the world laughs with you and when you cry you cry alone’. However, this does not apply in the case of close family, friends and your life partner. When you laugh and cry your life partner will be there to share those times, to take part in your happiness and to provide you a shoulder to cry on in the hard times. Someone who is your companion in your journey through life should be a source of solace and comfort for you. So while you try and steer through life while attempting to attain your goals it is most likely the most comforting feeling know that through the thick and thin there is someone accompanying you.


A lifelong partner is a blessing in many ways for a person. The support, advice, sharing of experiences and moral standing is incomparable in any other relationship. However, it is also worth mentioning that if you don’t have the right partner then your life could be quite unproductive, turbulent and wasted. A partner can bring in much needed stability in your life and also help you achieve what you planned. Furthermore, the presence of a lifelong partner most importantly brings genuine happiness into the lives of a person.

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