Why does College Dropout Can Still Become so Successful

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Nowadays we expect most young people to attend college to get a formal education which acts as a stepping stone to better opportunities. Almost half of all young people now head down the college path in the UK and USA. However, this wasn’t always the case prior to the 1990s, a significant proportion of young adults who didn’t attend college but joined work, did apprenticeships and went to polytechnic schools. Now people who are college drop-outs are looked down upon as we feel they will not be successful in life.

It is important to remember that a lot of successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, athletes, actors, singers, writers, musicians are college drop-outs who do well. While some people may think, that without a college degree they will be barred from a large number of opportunities in life; the opposite might actually be true.  This article discusses how not having a college degree can often act as a natural spur to succeed as you need to have self-belief; confidence; ability to take calculated risks,  and the realization that learning is a flexible and a life-long process. In a sense for college drop-outs who do well, life itself is an education rather than the formal route of getting an education through a college or university.

Learning to feel good about themselves: A standard college education conforms with what society feels is a traditional approach to education. There is a strong belief that with a college education you will be able to find a job, buy a home and car and start a family. The expectation of family and friends that everyone will attain a college education may undermine the morale of college drop-outs. However, a successful college drop-out feels good about themselves and their ability. There can be nothing more frustrating than suffering from an inferiority complex because it is all in the mind and not really real and this is what successful college students leave behind.

Taking calculated risks: College drop-outs excel because they learn to hone an important skill -taking calculated risks – these are not reckless risks rather they are well thought out – and they don’t underestimate themselves In order to overcome the deficiency of being a college drop-out a proportionate amount of risk has to be taken in career choices. To do well you need to be more confident, well-planned and passionate about your chosen field than an average college or university graduate.

Facing challenges head on: In addition to having confidence and the ability to take calculated risks it is also necessary for college drop-outs to be able to recognize challenges and deal with them head on. The truth is a simple fact: one of the most important factors which college drop outs learn is that they need a fighting spirit to face the challenges which come up. As a result of the uncertainty they may face due to their chosen path they need the will and a definite plan on how to face the challenges in life.

Learning is continuous and comes in many shapes: A college drop-out is also more open to the idea that just because you dropped out of college doesn’t mean that your ability or the opportunities to learn have finished – quite the opposite there are endless learning opportunities. Learning and acquiring knowledge are flexible and part of a life-long process. College drop outs understand that learning can be undertaken in many ways: long-distant learning courses, online courses, short courses, professional qualifications, work experience, or through apprenticeships.

Your true talent is identified: Some college drop-outs are successful because they are quick to understand that despite not having a college degree they will be able to do well at work; and that they may be talented in a different way: they can use their intuition, instinct, passion and tremendous creative energy to do well. Furthermore, while some college drop-outs may not be good at a regular nine-to-five work place; they may excel in sports, music, dance, television or film. Numerous athletes, actors, singers, musicians, writers, designers and entrepreneurs have no college or university education.

Self-confidence: Successful college drop-outs view life from a broad perspective and believe that education other than formal education can help them acquire knowledge which prepares them for their work life. College drop-outs who have been successful in their practical life have confidence in their self and their abilities. They have confidence in their skills, competencies and ideas. It is because of their confidence many college drop-outs have led a highly creative and productive life. Bill Gates is one of the most well-known college drop outs and yet he probably never lacked confidence to face the world.

You may need to turn towards the tested path:  Some college dropouts eventually may feel the need of acquiring education through a university or college. Perhaps, they feel they will sharpen their entrepreneurial skills or creativity. Some college drop-outs may realize that they do not have a stomach for a different and perhaps more creative approach to life, thus these people should test the waters of a college education by taking short courses and diplomas. If formal education really suits them then they should enroll in a comprehensive university or college program. After all there is no age barrier in terms of going back to college and university.

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